Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Drawing is such a restful thing to do. That is why I have decided to start a new venture. I love to draw, but can never seem to find the time or the space to do it. So I am going to force myself to clean off a desk, get my drawing materials in order and make little part of the world to draw, design and dream! Everyone should have that space for themselves. I have given so much to so many others and now it is MY time. I am hoping that you will like my drawings and go to my etsy site if you would like to buy some of the prints I am offering for sale.
I will be letting my imagination run with my paintings and drawings, but at the same time I will have to tend to the business side of my artwork. This could prove to be problematic as I am no business person. But I am going to enlist a ton of help from friends and experts and see where it will take me. Wish me luck!

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