Monday, July 25, 2011

The Perfect Office Space

A mess is a mess is a mess, isn't it? Perhaps not I think. My messes are messy, papers strewn everywhere, magazines piled high, half finished projects waiting for inspiration. But ironically I know right where I am at in that project and what needs to be done next. I know where each inspiration is in each and every magazine and the piles of papers?..... I know just what is in them and just how far down in that pile i have to go to get to that one piece of paper i wrote that phrase on.

Unfortunately every pile is not that of a genius,, sometimes it is just a pile of junk. Is it bad that when I start cleaning up my piles, going through magazines, that I get distracted by,.....OH!! a Pottery Barn Catalog!! ...... see what I mean... 20 minutes wasted, because seriously I cannot afford anything in Pottery Barn.

I really need a drawing space and a crafting place and a research place and a storage place, all in one room. This desk spills all over everywhere and then I have taken to posting on my laptop at the kitchen table, which you saw before. I have actually two computer, a Mac and a PC which I use them both for different things. But when I need to use them both simultaneously, my desk looks like this.....

Leaving absolutely no room in which to draw or create. Cause we all know I like to also watch a movie when I draw or create, I need the computers there so I can listen to music or watch a movie or look up something really fast on the internet. My kids say I am ADHD, but I prefer to think of it as being a professional multitasker!!

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

I am requesting the decorating fairy ( I KNOW you are listening!) to visit my house and turn it into this office! Now that would be nice, don't ya think?

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  1. This was my inspiration for my bedroom desk corner! Now I have spray painted every piece of furniture white. But alas, my hubby won't let me have that decrepit wood chair that is this exact same chair. I want to paint it WHITE!!!