Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anatomy of a sketch

So this is where I start my day

There is a hummingbird flying in there somewhere, but my cheesy phone cam prolly isn't fast enough to catch it. Anyway this is where I love to start my day, out in the sunshine on my lovely porch.
As I sit and think about what to draw a process begins...

I search for some inspiration. Sometimes when I sleep I instantly get an idea for a painting, then I immediately write it down, because I KNOW I will NOT remember it in the morning.

I pick a pencil from my bouquet of sharpened pencils!

Get out one of my many sketchbooks. I LOVE sketchbooks! Spiral ones, leather bound ones, cloth bound ones, all kinds of sketchbooks.

So sometimes inspiration is slow to come and I get the dreaded "artist's block". A horrible little disease that can be contagious and hard to get rid of. But it can wonderful to recuperate from as I put my feet up and let my imagination heal itself!!

Then comes the 'AHA!!!' moment all artists love!

And the ultimate result in action...

And the finished result ready for purchase for a friend of mine!

Keep checking back with me for the next drawing in progress!! Have a wonderfully artful day!


  1. Great blog, Rita. I like your pictures and dialog. That's along the same lines as a writer--it takes ideas to get started.
    Juanita Nobles

  2. Love it!! Creative and a very good job on the photos. Bring on some more!