Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall, Fall, Falling in love with Fall!

Well it is inevitable! I have fallen in love with Fall ....again!!! Happens every year, like clockwork and my whole system just shakes at the thought of school starting, new shoes, books, bouquets of sharpened pencils, burning leaf piles, being able to open my doors and windows and not get sticky wet with humidity in 5 seconds. The fall in the Midwest may not rival the east coast but it is pretty amazing!
My grandson Eli just started preschool and loves it!!

The school bus is being parked behind my house again, allowing me to tell the time by it's coming and goings.

The first Fall magazine DELIVERED!! WooHoo!!

Which of course leads to more mass magazine hysteria as I pull out all my old Fall magazines from years past. These are ONLY a few shown here, but I have many more and I read them over and over again, immersing myself in Fall colors, ideas and decorating!

Then of course along with Fall decorating comes baking!

I will share more on baking tomorrow and share a recipe too!! Enjoy your day and fall in love with Fall again!

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