Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday Fun!

My son, Cody and his wife Maggie were in town this past weekend. So we decided, well not exactly we, they and their in-laws decided to go to St. Charles , MO for the Festival of The Little Hills. Cody called and asked if I wanted to go to a craft fair... silly boy!! Why did he even bother to ask!! It was a rainy morning but the day was turning out nice.
St. Charles has a 'Go To' place called Main Street. This has to be the cutest place on the planet! It is a street with old time buildings and tons of shops to just peruse all day. There is a lot of history there too. They have festivals throughout the year and I absolutely LOVE to go there at Christmas time.

So Maggie's mother Mary was supposed to meet her brother Dan there, he traveled from Ill. Well to make a long story short, Dan got caught in traffic, his generator on the little camper truck stopped working and so Steve, Mary's husband stayed behind in the parking lot to meet him. Dan and Steve never made it to the craft fair ( I think that may have been planned) and poor Cody got stuck with the girls out shopping.

Is that not the happiest face you've ever seen??!! LOL We shopped until we just couldn't anymore, it must have 100 degrees in the shade. I am so glad I found a babysitter for my grand daughter too, because she would have been miserable! This was the only photo that my cohorts would let me take on the way back to the car.

My stupid phone camera ran out of memory too, so I stole this shot of this darling sign!!

I am a sign freak by the way, just love imaginative, beautiful signage as I used to make them for 11 plus years! This was was adorable and I love Alice in Wonderland, so this just tickled me so! As it was we were heading to the car so nobody wanted to go in the shop. Too many people !! I will surely go back around Christmas time as they have a festival called Christmas Traditions. Los Posadas is a procession of Jesus and Mary who knock on each door and ask for room at the inn. They are turned away at each establishment and end up by the river. Multitudes of people follow them with a candlelit procession There are also Santas from many different countries who walk the street and give candy to the little kids and Dickens like Characters who hand out treats too. Carrollers galore and a Fife and Drum Corp!! So much to do and so much to see!! It is held thru the month of December and you really should go and see it all. For more information see this website

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