Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sitting on My Porch

So this morning was wonderful! Slight breeze, the sun was shining, the day was starting out wonderful. I had gone and bought some new nectar for my hummingbird feeder and hung it in the hopes of seeing my birds fly in again and sip from it. The day was going great..... until the first honey bee showed up. Then another, then another, suddenly I had to whisk the baby and my computer off the porch. I had left the porch french door open, because the breeze was still wonderful. Until the first bee decided my house was more inviting than the feeder. I looked out and saw a SWARM of bees all over the feeder, the railing and flying everywhere!!

I had to carefully slosh the feeder with water to get the bees off, twice! and then bring the feeder inside. I am afraid the hummers won't be getting any nectar from my feeder anytime soon. The bees then started attacking me as I tried to get them off my porch with water. Guess my red shirt did not help matters any!

My little bee swarm

has inspired this!

These pots will soon be available on my etsy site! Hoping you all have a Bee-utiful day today!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall, Fall, Falling in love with Fall!

Well it is inevitable! I have fallen in love with Fall ....again!!! Happens every year, like clockwork and my whole system just shakes at the thought of school starting, new shoes, books, bouquets of sharpened pencils, burning leaf piles, being able to open my doors and windows and not get sticky wet with humidity in 5 seconds. The fall in the Midwest may not rival the east coast but it is pretty amazing!
My grandson Eli just started preschool and loves it!!

The school bus is being parked behind my house again, allowing me to tell the time by it's coming and goings.

The first Fall magazine DELIVERED!! WooHoo!!

Which of course leads to more mass magazine hysteria as I pull out all my old Fall magazines from years past. These are ONLY a few shown here, but I have many more and I read them over and over again, immersing myself in Fall colors, ideas and decorating!

Then of course along with Fall decorating comes baking!

I will share more on baking tomorrow and share a recipe too!! Enjoy your day and fall in love with Fall again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday Fun!

My son, Cody and his wife Maggie were in town this past weekend. So we decided, well not exactly we, they and their in-laws decided to go to St. Charles , MO for the Festival of The Little Hills. Cody called and asked if I wanted to go to a craft fair... silly boy!! Why did he even bother to ask!! It was a rainy morning but the day was turning out nice.
St. Charles has a 'Go To' place called Main Street. This has to be the cutest place on the planet! It is a street with old time buildings and tons of shops to just peruse all day. There is a lot of history there too. They have festivals throughout the year and I absolutely LOVE to go there at Christmas time.

So Maggie's mother Mary was supposed to meet her brother Dan there, he traveled from Ill. Well to make a long story short, Dan got caught in traffic, his generator on the little camper truck stopped working and so Steve, Mary's husband stayed behind in the parking lot to meet him. Dan and Steve never made it to the craft fair ( I think that may have been planned) and poor Cody got stuck with the girls out shopping.

Is that not the happiest face you've ever seen??!! LOL We shopped until we just couldn't anymore, it must have 100 degrees in the shade. I am so glad I found a babysitter for my grand daughter too, because she would have been miserable! This was the only photo that my cohorts would let me take on the way back to the car.

My stupid phone camera ran out of memory too, so I stole this shot of this darling sign!!

I am a sign freak by the way, just love imaginative, beautiful signage as I used to make them for 11 plus years! This was was adorable and I love Alice in Wonderland, so this just tickled me so! As it was we were heading to the car so nobody wanted to go in the shop. Too many people !! I will surely go back around Christmas time as they have a festival called Christmas Traditions. Los Posadas is a procession of Jesus and Mary who knock on each door and ask for room at the inn. They are turned away at each establishment and end up by the river. Multitudes of people follow them with a candlelit procession There are also Santas from many different countries who walk the street and give candy to the little kids and Dickens like Characters who hand out treats too. Carrollers galore and a Fife and Drum Corp!! So much to do and so much to see!! It is held thru the month of December and you really should go and see it all. For more information see this website www.rendezvousinstcharles.com

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anatomy of a sketch

So this is where I start my day

There is a hummingbird flying in there somewhere, but my cheesy phone cam prolly isn't fast enough to catch it. Anyway this is where I love to start my day, out in the sunshine on my lovely porch.
As I sit and think about what to draw a process begins...

I search for some inspiration. Sometimes when I sleep I instantly get an idea for a painting, then I immediately write it down, because I KNOW I will NOT remember it in the morning.

I pick a pencil from my bouquet of sharpened pencils!

Get out one of my many sketchbooks. I LOVE sketchbooks! Spiral ones, leather bound ones, cloth bound ones, all kinds of sketchbooks.

So sometimes inspiration is slow to come and I get the dreaded "artist's block". A horrible little disease that can be contagious and hard to get rid of. But it can wonderful to recuperate from as I put my feet up and let my imagination heal itself!!

Then comes the 'AHA!!!' moment all artists love!

And the ultimate result in action...

And the finished result ready for purchase for a friend of mine!

Keep checking back with me for the next drawing in progress!! Have a wonderfully artful day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Perfect Office Space

A mess is a mess is a mess, isn't it? Perhaps not I think. My messes are messy, papers strewn everywhere, magazines piled high, half finished projects waiting for inspiration. But ironically I know right where I am at in that project and what needs to be done next. I know where each inspiration is in each and every magazine and the piles of papers?..... I know just what is in them and just how far down in that pile i have to go to get to that one piece of paper i wrote that phrase on.

Unfortunately every pile is not that of a genius,, sometimes it is just a pile of junk. Is it bad that when I start cleaning up my piles, going through magazines, that I get distracted by,.....OH!! a Pottery Barn Catalog!! ...... see what I mean... 20 minutes wasted, because seriously I cannot afford anything in Pottery Barn.

I really need a drawing space and a crafting place and a research place and a storage place, all in one room. This desk spills all over everywhere and then I have taken to posting on my laptop at the kitchen table, which you saw before. I have actually two computer, a Mac and a PC which I use them both for different things. But when I need to use them both simultaneously, my desk looks like this.....

Leaving absolutely no room in which to draw or create. Cause we all know I like to also watch a movie when I draw or create, I need the computers there so I can listen to music or watch a movie or look up something really fast on the internet. My kids say I am ADHD, but I prefer to think of it as being a professional multitasker!!

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

I am requesting the decorating fairy ( I KNOW you are listening!) to visit my house and turn it into this office! Now that would be nice, don't ya think?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Drawing is such a restful thing to do. That is why I have decided to start a new venture. I love to draw, but can never seem to find the time or the space to do it. So I am going to force myself to clean off a desk, get my drawing materials in order and make little part of the world to draw, design and dream! Everyone should have that space for themselves. I have given so much to so many others and now it is MY time. I am hoping that you will like my drawings and go to my etsy site if you would like to buy some of the prints I am offering for sale.
I will be letting my imagination run with my paintings and drawings, but at the same time I will have to tend to the business side of my artwork. This could prove to be problematic as I am no business person. But I am going to enlist a ton of help from friends and experts and see where it will take me. Wish me luck!